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About Us

Our Vision: an empathic World without Prejudices

With DIALOG IM DUNKELN® we are pursuing our vision very successfully since 26 years. Our exhibitions enable an important transfer. Visitors experience a change of perspective which encourages a positive social attitude: Pity becomes respect, a deficit-oriented view about the life of people with a disablility changes into a respectful approach and deeper understanding.

With the exhibition DIALOG IM STILLEN® in Hamburg since 2014, we offer a similar concept story as with DIALOG IM DUNKELN®. Again, the exhibition focuses on the special skills of the people in question, the nonverbal communication. Because of their life situation deaf people are the experts who broaden the concept of communication of their hearing audience. By means of highly effective soundproofing systems and sound-proof exhibition rooms an atmosphere is created in which people who are hearing in normal life "become deaf" while hearing impaired people are able to communicate competently. In this situation, they function as "language teachers" and cultural mediators who very competently teach a language that does not need sound. A role reversal takes place: in silence, deaf people have a communicational advantage. People who are hearing in normal life experience their own limits while they learn to express themselves non-verbally and thus broaden their concept of communication.

Further exhibitions are planned for Hamburg in 2018. DIALOG MIT DER ZEIT® for instance takes the life situation of older people as starting point for reflections on age and aging.

At DIALOG HAMBURG, we experience an open and respectful dialogue between people from different cultures and all walks of life on a daily basis. Diversity is an opportunity for all people. At DIALOG HAMBURG we want to create a place in which inclusion is not only talked about but practised.

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