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Immerse into an unforgettable experience and become Speechless!

Experience a world without noises, sounds and voices! Take part in our interactive exhibition tour and become inspired to talk with your hands and listen with your eyes! Guided by deaf "language teachers" you will gain a fascinating insight into nonverbal communication and find new ways of understanding. Deaf guides will lead small groups of up to 12 people inn silence through soundproofed exhibition rooms. In the course of a 60-minute tour you will go to several stations which deal with different aspects of nonverbal communication.

What to expect:

Invitation to Silence
You receive a small introduction without words but with a lot of expression which introduces you to silence.

Dance of the Hands
Let your hands talk and learn how to shape figures with your fingers. All figures are visible as silhouettes and at the end you create a shadow sculpture together with the other visitors.

Gallery of Faces
Our face speaks volumes. But are we really aware of the emotions we produce with our face? Our facial expressions are a mirror of our soul and this station makes you aware of the nuances you communicate with your lip image, a smile or a frown.

Game of Signs
At this station you take part in an interactive quiz on the topic of sign language.

Forum of Figures
Here you learn your first words of sign language, solve several tasks in silence and will be amazed how well you are able to express even complex ideas.

We are looking forward to your visit!